Short History

The Aero was a Czech automobile, manufactured between 1929 and 1947 by a well-known aircraft and car-body factory owned by one Dr. Vladimir Kabes.

The original model, the Aero Type 500, had a 499 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine with water cooling. The next model, the Type 20, was a 660 cc vertical twin, which was followed by the Type 30, a 998 cc twin-cylinder version. The 1934 Aero was a front wheel drive car with a similar engine and a four-seater body. The last model, the Type 50, also front-wheel-drive, had a 1997 cc four-cylinder 50 PS (37 kW two-stroke engine. Many famous drivers won many events in Aero cars.

After the war the company made the Type 30 until 1947.


792px-Aero 30 Roadster bicolor vr-1-

800px-Aero 30 Roadster bicolor r-1-

800px-Aero 50 Dynamik01-1-

800px-Aero Cabrio-1-

800px-Aero Monoposto 1927-1-

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