Short History

The marque was established through a joint venture arrangement set up in 1952 between Leonard Lord of the Austin division of the British Motor Corporation and Donald Healey, a renowned automotive engineer and designer.

Austin-Healey produced cars until 1972 when the 20-year agreement between Healey and Austin came to an end. Donald Healey left the company in 1968 when the British Motor Corporation (Austin had merged with Morris in 1952 to form BMC) was taken over by British Leyland.


2008 le mans classic grid3 174 sb-1-

55-Austin-Healey 100M DV-08 PVGP-02-1-


1959 austin-healey bt7 roadster m-1-


1960 austin-healey 3000 bn7 roadster m-1-



800px-Austin-healey 100-6 bn4 vyy420 arp-1-


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