Short History

Buick is a brand of automobile built in the United States, Canada, China and in Spain by General Motors Corporation. Buicks are sold in North America, China, Taiwan, and Israel. The name is pronounced (IPA) ['bju?k]. It is now GM's only US-based entry-level luxury brand since the demise of Oldsmobile in 2004, although GM's Swedish subsidiary, Saab, fills a similar segment in price and prestige level...


2009 buick lacrosse wallpaper 850 5-1-

2010 buick lacrosse 1-1-

2010 buick regal 1-1-




2010-buick-lacrosse-cxs 08-1-

Buick invicta concept 2-1-

Buick-lacrosse-2010-img 1-1-

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