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The Daimler Motor Company of Coventry, England, manufacturer of Daimler motor vehicles from 1896. From 1910 a part of the BSA group. From 1960 a subsidiary, and after 1964 a brand, of Jaguar Cars. This company held warrants as purveyor of official motor cars to Kings Edward VII, George V, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. It also provided official cars to many foreign monarchs including: the Kaiser, the Emperor of Japan and the King of Thailand. Jaguar now shares the rights to the Daimler name with Daimler AG, the German car manufacturer created when DaimlerChrysler was split up. Jaguar agreed terms in 2007 which allow the German company to use the Daimler brand as the title of a trading company, a trade name or a corporate name — rights that it did not hold previously. The renegotiated terms did not affect Jaguar's rights to build Daimler cars. A spokesman for Jaguar said: “The extended usage agreement does not affect either company's existing right to use the Daimler name for a product.”

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