Facel Vega

Short History Edit

Facel Vega was a French builder of luxury cars. The brand was created by Jean Daninos (brother of the humorist Pierre Daninos who wrote Les Carnets du Major Thomson). Initially, FACEL (Forges et Ateliers de Construction d'Eure-et-Loir) was a metal-stamping company which decided to branch into car manufacturing in the mid-1950s. Facel entered the automobile business as a supplier of special bodies, for Panhard, Delahaye, and Simca.

Wallpapers Edit

1956 facel vega fv3 21 sb

1957 facel vega excellence saloon fvl

1963 Facel Vega Facel-II Fv B&W

1964 facel vega facel 6 17 sb


Facel II




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