Short History Edit

Frazer Nash was a British automobile manufacturer, founded by Archibald Frazer-Nash in 1922. The company produced around 400 cars until the mid-1930s, notably a series of chain-drive models, and 85 more cars from 1948 to 1957. The company was the official British importer for BMW from 1934 to 1939. These cars, often imported as bare chassis and bodied in England, were rebadged Frazer-Nash-BMW. It is said that this renaming was due to increasing anti-German feeling in Britain. During the war the company switched to armaments production.

From 1948 to 1957 the company made a total of 85 sports and racing cars. Although these cars were entirely unrelated to the pre-war Frazer Nash, in the choice of Bristol engines the cars were natural successors to the imported BMWs: the Bristol engine being a development of that of the BMW 328. These post-war cars are very highly prized by collectors.

The company participated in the 1952 Formula One season, the cars driven by Tony Crook and Ken Wharton. In 1954 the company, as AFN, started to sell Porsche cars, becoming the official importer for Great Britain in 1956. This lasted until 1965 when Porsche Cars Great Britain was set up: Aldington family members remained on the board of this company for some time.

Wallpapers Edit


800px-Frazer-Nash Namir by Giugiaro


763px-1931 Frazer Nash Falcon

Frazer Nash Namir Giugiaro 2009

Italdesign frazer-nash-namir-concept-2009 r12

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